We'll build a platform to distribute music, goods and media content based on blockchain.

ARTISTA is being developed on the ERC20 basis and will make ARTISTA the “most powerful” content streaming eco-platform.
ARTISTA ($ ARTS) Coin is a utility token that is paid or reimbursed to all participants, including content creators, providers, curators, advertisers, and consumers, in the platform ecosystem. Starting with Music (Sound), it will gradually include Video, Picture or Text.
ARTISTA ($ ARTS) Coin is a utility coin that is used for platform users ‘streaming, figure, cultural contents, and shopping service users’ payment methods and rewards. It provides music appreciation and rewards according to the activities in the platform. It is implemented to be a reward.


Best Features

Platform & Global Streaming

ARTISTA's Music Streaming Service is available through Amazon's AWS.ARTISTA's platform is a global platform that ensures speed, security and stability anywhere in the world.

Highly Scalability & Decentralization

The Artistic Streaming Platform uses content to support a variety of distributed applications (DAPPs). Streaming content includes music (sound), video, pictures, text, and tags.The system expands in real time as a response to simultaneous connections.

Compensation and Ecosystem

ARTISTA Coin is a utility coin that is used for payment means and rewards of service users such as streaming music, figures, cultural contents, shopping, etc. It provides music appreciation and rewards according to the activities in the platform.

Music Streaming Service

In December 2018, we launched the Android version of Arts Music App (beta version) and plans to launch an app for iOS version soon.
Arts Music Apps are available worldwide through Amazon Cloud Servers, so you can use the latest K-POP, POP, J-POP, World music and other services from all over the world.
You can enjoy unlimited streaming music for 1 year by purchasing and verifying your coupon code and sound card.
In the future, the Arts Music App will not only end up listening to music, but will also provide rewards for your use, so that you will enjoy listening to music and be rewarded.

Download Beta Version >

Android VersionDownload

* The iPhone (iOS) version will be available soon.


Ecosystem key features

ARTISTA Coin Interest Reward

ARTISTA Coin's reimbursement policy provides a variety of methods based on differential interest payments for PoS (Proof of Stake), an equity method.ARTISTA protects the property with decentralized block-chain technology and informs you that you are the only owner in the chain.

Contents Creation & Provision Reward

Depending on the daily consumption of content distributed within the ARTISTA platform, rewards will be paid according to the rewards and content of the content winners.This section also includes a separate licensing fee for the copyright to the creations.

Consumer's Reward - Price Discount

Direct compensation within the ARTISTA platform is a policy that allows users to immediately discount prices when they consume a variety of content, such as sound recordings or albums, to be served or circulated on the platform with the ARTISTA coin.

Curation & Advertisement Reward

You can provide real music vouchers that correspond to contributions of metadata such as lyrics to songs, community activities such as album wiki work, referrals / likes, etc., and you can also pay for them with $ ARTS coins.Compensation for ad targets is for people who are exposed to ads served within the ARTISTA platform.
05. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

Concept - Concept Generation Team Assemble
May 2018
Research - Proving the concept can work Strategic Plan
July 2018
White paper - ARTISTA white paper Design & Minimum Variable
August 2018
APP - ARTISTA Music APP 1st ver open(Android) ERC20 Token publish(20 billion)
October 2018
Token Sale - Private sale
November 2018
APP - ARTISTA Music new App Storyboard Plan & Design
December 2018
Listed on Exchange - Token Exchange(Global) ARTISTA Music App 1st ver open
Q1 2019
APP Open - ARTISTA Music App open Token Exchange(domestic)
Q2 2019

* This roadmap may change depending on market conditions, company progress, and other circumstances.
* 2019.1Q Global exchanges listing and timing may change due to market conditions and exchange market conditions.


Token Distribution

Total ARTS Allocation

  • Company Holdings(Airdrop, etc.)
  • Funding Team
  • R&D and Marketing
  • Reserve*

Funds Allocation

  • Marketing
  • Platform Development
  • Airdrop
  • Funding Team
  • Reserve*
* Plan to release token lock-up

Funding Team – 26.6% of the allocated funds will be unlocked in 5% quarterly in the first year and 20% quarterly in the second year.

08. TEAM

Executive team

Jong-Hyeon Lee

Founder & CEO

Mi-Ra Kim

ARTISTA Director

Mu-Yeol Kim

ARTISTA Director

Technical Development

Sung-Han Kim


Sang-Bae Jeong


Alex Kim


Brandon Lee


Chan-Young Kim



Sung-Lim Lee

Chairman of the board

Jong-Dae Kim

Chairman of the board

Shin-Seog Seo

Committee Governer

Our Partners